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Features women seek in a car

December - 28 - 2017


Although in the majority of situations, both men and women seek the same things in a vehicle, depending on their needs at that moment, it has been concluded that women focus a bit more on certain features. Even if there are no standard rules that apply to all cases, women do tend to prioritize certain things a bit differently than men, and if you want to learn what these details are, you can read the following info:

Safety and comfort

While the majority of men inform themselves first regarding the car’s power, women tend to analyze the safety and comfort features the vehicle has to offer. Experts say that a woman will ask questions regarding the safety system of the car first, and then analyze the comfort that particular model has to offer. According to Edmunds the Audi Q7 2018, is quite a popular option among women who wish to purchase a car, and considering that it excels in both the safety and comfort department, it is no wonder why. So, even if a car might be able to reach impressive speed, or have a powerful engine incorporated, if it lacks sufficient safety features, or if its seats will not be comfortable ones, it will be a pass for a female driver.


Even women who car shop within the luxurious vehicle class tend to seek affordability. Price is an important consideration for female car buyers. So when checking out premium models, women will show interest in the more reasonably priced options. Also, regarding affordability, they also value the fuel consumption of the car, choosing options that can provide excellent fuel economy.


While the majority of men want to buy a car that is powerful, fun to drive and has that flashy aesthetical appeal to them, leaving other important details behind, women tend to always go for practicality. This is the reason why the rate of women driving smaller cars with a comfortable interior and easy handling is higher. So, it is more likely to see a man driving an attention-grabbing car than to see a woman.

Whether you are a woman and this is the first time buying a car, or you want to surprise someone with the perfect vehicle for women, knowing what they usually look for in terms of features might help you out. Although not so different from men, in terms of car choices, women do tend or put practicality and safety above aesthetic appeal.

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