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It is commonly known that Indian weddings are gala affairs that abound in colour, pomp and show, which is why one should attend at least one in one’s lifetime, since it is for sure a unique experience. It is true that there is no dress code for the ones invited at the wedding, but if you really want to be part of it, you should go for Indian wear, so doing some research on the internet and looking for wedding lehenga Sydney for women or for kurta for men. Here are some useful fashion tips to help you dress by the book at an Indian wedding.

The most important rule – keep it simple

Some women believe that wedding ceremonies are the perfect occasion to unwrap their finery in order to show them off, but experts advise to avoid over-dressing for this special event. However, this does not mean that you should go for a plain outfit, but rather choosing a lehenga or a saree that come in a more subtle colour with some delicate embellishments.

Do not go for white and black

Those who are not quite familiar with the Indian culture should know that even though these two most basic colours are quite popular in other parts of the world, neither black, nor white are considered auspicious in the Indian tradition, which means that they should definitely be avoided in special ceremonies such as weddings. Colours red and maroon should also be avoided, since these are popular choices for the bride’s wedding saree or lehenga. The best choice is colours such as green, pink, blue or yellow.

Choose clothes that are neither too tight, nor too revealing

It is highly important to keep in mind that the entire wedding ceremony can be quite time-consuming and it can last for several hours, which is why it is recommended to opt for clothes that are comfortable enough and not too tight. Make sure the outfit you go for is not too revealing either, since there are for sure elderly people invited at the wedding, so you might want to renounce wearing that skin tight and low cut blouse.

Going for casual outfit is definitely NOT an option

Just as in any other culture, weddings are quite important events in the life of a couple, so you should definitely not turn up at the party wearing daily cotton clothes. Wear a traditional outfit and make sure you are taking care of every detail and combine the clothing items accordingly.

Jewellery – a highly important factor

It is worth mentioning that the jewellery is probably the only thing that gets religiously observed at this type of special occasions. If you attend for the first time at an Indian wedding, do not feel awkward if you are being stared at, since Indian women like to take their time and admire the unique accessories that other guests wear.

As you can see, these are some very useful fashion tips you need to keep in mind before actually attending an Indian wedding.

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