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People say you are what you wear, but that does not have to mean you need to always keep up with fashion trends, instead you should dress in a way that makes you comfortable in your own skin. Fashion is, has been, and always will be a form of art, and self-expression, and the clothes you choose to wear should say something about you. Clothes have always had an impact on a person’s self-image, so if you are trying to increase your self-confidence, and step up your style, then perhaps you should start choosing items that match your personality.  There are many brands out there, such as Dr Martens at Spartoo, that allow you to select from many great and versatile  items, so finding clothes that suit you will not be that hard.

Choose items that make you feel comfortable

A fashion tip that any woman out there should take into account is to dress comfortably. Regardless if the most fashionable item of the season is a bodycon dress for example, if wearing one makes you feel uncomfortable, just go another way. Clothes should also be harmonious with both your body and mind, so even if you try to keep up with fashion trends, select outfits that make you feel good about your appearance. Also, make sure the clothes you wear fit you properly, and do not buy something just because it might look good on someone else.

Heels or flats – it’s your choice

The shoes you wear are essential for the overall appearance of an outfit, however, most women are often confused whether to opt for heels or flats. Well, nowadays, you can make endless outfit combinations, and you no longer need to wear heels to feel feminine or stylish. If you feel that heels are not the best choice for your personality, then go with boots, sneakers, or flats instead. As long as you know how to personalize and accessorize your looks, heels are not an essential element for an elegant outfit, and with such a wide variety of footwear you can find online, you can plenty of options to choose from.

Dress bravely

Last but not least, do not be afraid to try new things, and step out of your comfort zone once in a while. If you are the type of person who mostly wears black, next time, choose to put on a bright red dress, or a pink blouse. Dressing bravely can influence your mood in a positive way, so if you are a happy person in general, then express that side of you, and go for colourful outfits, and floral prints. From time to time, you should go with an unconventional print or clothing design, because you can never know if you like something until you try it yourself.

Keep these aspects in mind, next time you are online shopping, dare to make bolder choices, and start wearing clothes that match your personality. Once you will start seeing fashion as a form of expressing yourself, you will notice your confidence and self-image improving considerably.

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