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College students and young women are constantly looking for job opportunities, which seem to appear less and less in today’s tough economy. Everyone has heard about experiential marketing in one way or another and we’ve all bumped into a promotional model in a shopping mall or a sampling team in a supermarket, but few young ladies actually realize what a great opportunity this type of work can represent. Obviously, in order for such a job to become a career opening, it must be done right and with the support and guidance of an experiential marketing agency that will open doors for young women who are determined and hardworking. Such an agency works like a springboard and can help promotional models and events staff members actually seize opportunities and make the right connections into the job employment world. All it takes is patience, commitment and perseverance, attributes that are generally needed for any type of job or career one might go after.

There are two main ways in which girls or women can make the most of working with an experiential marketing agency and develop a career starting from this type of job. First, they can focus on remaining in the field and going from the job of an event staff member to a higher position, such as team leader, staff manager or even recruiter. If you are committed to the job and willing to learn, to improve your marketing skills and discover the ins and outs of what makes a good events staff, then chances are you will climb up the organizational ladder and be promoted to team manager and eventually even make the shift from field work to office work, taking part in the recruitment and selection process. Another opportunity is becoming a trainer, as these agencies, apart from recruiting the best suitable candidates, also train them for each campaign, so that they can deliver their clients highly knowledgeable and qualified staff. This may represent an important step towards a successful career in HR, a dream that many young women pursue.


The other way in which an experiential marketing agency can be your springboard is by getting you in contact with a wide range of both big companies and small businesses in various fields. Most companies resort to the same agency every time they are planning a campaign and you can end up doing experiential marketing wok for the same company several times, which gives you the opportunity to showcase all of your skills and qualities in different situations. If you do your work properly and bring unique value to the campaign, there are high chances that the company’s representative will notice you and, even if you are not offered a job at that point, you can instantly create a business contact that you can later on use to apply for a job within that company. This is the way things work today and having several strong contacts at different companies will surely help you whatever career path you choose to follow.

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