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Everyday Fashion: Fall-Winter 2011

December - 16 - 2011

The cold season is here and designers have already jumped in with all kind of outfits. Simple or unusual, most trends are very surprising and interesting. If this tornado of fashion clothes produces you confusion, don’t worry as we have prepared some simple fashion tips that will help you look flawless everyday. Below you can find out more about everyday fashion: fall-winter 2011. It will help you decide what it is worth wearing in this season even if you are a fashion fan.

The star of the season is declared the long skirt. Dark colors like black and brown are ideal, but you can also choose fall colors of green and pale orange. Inspire yourself from the models suggested by the specialists for creating a successful outfit. Choose soft and warm materials like wool. You can combine with simple and long sweaters. Leather jackets and fur clothes can remain on your wardrobe. If you prefer a teenager look, you can put on a pair of rock boots. Matching this kind of clothes has to be done with a cool shoe pair, otherwise the look isn’t complete and you won’t be able to transmit the same confidence and fashion sense. Here, besides rock boots, a cool shoe can be a pair of cowboy boots as well, but even sandals for a summer bohemian look.

Pencil skirt is designers` favorite outfit. You can definitely select it for an elegant and feminine style. The office garment is one of the most extraordinary fashion clothes. Combined with a fashionable shirt and fur clothes, the pencil skirt will look amazing on you.  About the colors, you can decide for the classical ones or you can look for orange, green or turquoise.

A real must-have is the knitted dress.  In the last decade, designers have been inspired by the street fashion clothes, so it’s understandable why this wavering dress appears on stage for the season fall-winter 2011. You will notice that’s a very good investment just for the facility of creating new outfit by putting different accessories. Since the knitted dress often gets stretched out, we advise you to iron it with a clothes steamer, so that it maintains its initial shape. A clothes steamer can also be used on the rest of your clothes. Many people find it a lot more convenient than the iron.

A new trend is the long cardigan worn with a long or medium dress. The only observation is that you should choose a quality material, being soft and warm.  Flaring pants appears on top and return to the attention of fashion designers.  If you prefer jeans instead of trousers, you should buy a flaring pair of jeans. The color block trend appeared in the summer of 2011 and it continues in the fall-winter season of 2011, but with some exceptions.  The last element on our list of simple fashion tips is to replace the bright colors characteristic for summer with tempered fall shades

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