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Women who love clothes and fashion, know how difficult it is to stay within their budget when they are out shopping. If you want to maintain your style fabulous, but you need to cut down on the amount you spend on clothes every month, perhaps you should consider starting to visit thrift stores. Second hand shops can include some great clothing items, even designers ones, at incredible prices. Nowadays, you can buy slightly used clothes even online, on websites such as http://www.solocremaitalia.ro/. To manage dressing to impress, and to stick to your budget, here are some second hand shopping tips you should know about:

Choose the right store

If you are not a big fan of second hand shopping, it means you have not found the right thrift shops until now. While there might be some shops that sell items a fashion addict could never wear, other include in their merchandise quite a wide range of beautiful clothes, from various popular brands. The key to successful second hand clothing shopping is to choose the right store, as well as have the patience necessary to go through all the items put at your disposal, because between a dozen of uninteresting items, finding a great piece is almost a guarantee.

Thrift stores have sales too

If the second hand shop you have found mainly sells designer clothes, their prices might still be a bit higher than you would want them to be. Well, don’t worry, because thrift stores have sales too. Some second hand stores have even up to 70 or 80 percent price cuts at the end of the month, so then is your chance to get the best items at incredibly low prices. Just make sure you find out when the shop’s sales usually are and make sure to be one of the store’s first customers, because the good stuff usually goes off the shelves first.

Size concerns

Let’s say you find a gorgeous Ralph Lauren skirt from an old collection, which would look great on you, but unfortunately it is 3 sizes bigger than you need. When buying second hand, size should not matter, because as cheap as you’re buying it, you can afford taking the clothing item to a tailor and fixing it to fit you. The key to acquiring great items from thrift shops is to not focus only on your measurements, but to look for larger sizes as well, which can be easily tailored to fit you perfectly. The same goes with clothing items that have small defects – a small tear or a missing button should not prevent you from buying a great clothing item, because they can be easily fixed.

As you can see, being a fashionable presence anywhere you go, without exciding your budget is possible, if you have a few trick up your sleeve. Second hand clothing items can the perfect solution for you, if you are a fashion enthusiast, giving you the chance to dress the way she desire while on a budget, and thrift stores will soon become your favorite place to shop. Now that you know some tips on the subject, start searching for second hand stores in your area, or even online, and go on a shopping spree without worrying about money.  

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