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After having a baby, you will want to spend most of the time at home, but it will come a moment when you will have to venture out, and take them with you. You may have to take the baby at the doctor, run errands or you may have to take the child to day care because you have to return to work. This means that you will have to use your car and install a “Baby on board” sign to let the other drivers that there is a small kid in the car. This distinct sign will let people know in case of an accident that a child could be trapped in the car. If you are getting involved in an accident and you have your child in the vehicle, you will have to know what steps to follow. This information not only that will save your child’s life but it will also help you understand what actions you have to take after the accident.

You have to be prepared

When you plan to take your child with you when driving your car, you will have to make some preparations, because you have to make sure that both of you will be safe while driving. You need a roadside emergency kit, a car safety hammer and a car accident checklist at hand. Your child should always travel in a children car seat, because it will keep them safe.

What to do when you are getting involved in an accident

The first thing you have to do immediately after the accident is to check the state of health of both of you. If you are seriously injured is advisable not to move until help arrives. If you are slightly injured, check the health state of the baby. It is not recommended to take the baby out of the car seat if possible, because it could make their injuries worse. Even if the baby is crying or is seriously upset, you should not interpret it as a sign of injury, they are only scared. Call 911 after you check your baby’s health state, and offer them complete information.

Collect information

After you check the state of health of your baby, and you are sure you do not suffer a serious injury, you should collect information, no matter if the accident was a minor or major one. Ask the other driver to offer you their name, and if there are any passengers in either your car or theirs ask them to offer their contact details. When you will contact the Miami personal injury law firm to offer you support for getting compensation, they will ask you these details.

Get examined by a medical professional

It is crucial for both your health state and for insurance purposes to ask a professional examine your health state immediately after the accident. All the injuries should be documented. Immediately after the accident you may not feel if something hurts because your body will pump adrenaline, but the doctor will easily notice if your or the child need professional help.

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