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Do I need fillers or Botox?

May - 16 - 2017

As a woman, you are affected by the society’s pressure to always look perfect. But age is not working in your advantage, and as the years pass, on your face appear new wrinkles, and the old ones are bigger and more visible. Therefore, you want to hide and treat these lines, but you do not know if you should choose fillers or Botox. Well, sometimes the line between these two is blurred and until you do not talk with a professional, you are not able to understand what makes them different. If you want to have one of these beauty treatments, then it is advisable to make an appointment to the clinic and talk with an expert, and ask them some questions to understand better, what every one of them implies.

What you should know about fillers

As you age the elastin and natural collagen, from your skin lessens and the cells lose their ability to produce this component. Dermal fillers add subtle volume to your wrinkles and folds, in order to lift them and smooth them. They can make a difference to your appearance and they can give you a fresher look. During the Filler Oslo treatment, the doctor will inject Hyaluronic Acid into your skin through a tiny needle. You will feel a minimal discomfort, but the treatment does not take long, so you will not spend more time at the clinic, then when you have a Kjemisk peeling Oslo. The main advantage of this treatment is that you will be able to see the effects immediately after you have the procedure. You will experience no scars if you treat your wrinkles with dermal filler. In addition, if you want to add more volume to your lips you can ask the doctor treat your lips with lip filler.

What you should know about Botox?

Botox is a purified and natural protein used to relax your facial muscles that cause wrinkles and lines for a temporary period. Botox is considered a safe product in the medical and cosmetic field. There is no side effect associated with this treatment, but you should expect to encounter swelling and bruising after having the procedure. When you check into the Hudpleie Frogner the doctor will inform you on the reactions your skin will have due to the needle. But you can mask this with makeup, and you can continue doing your daily activities, after you leave the clinic. You can use this treatment if you are looking for reduction of fine wrinkles and lines and skin rejuvenation. This toxin is injected into your muscles and it improves the look of the lines between your eyebrows for a determined period of time. In addition, you can ask the doctor to inject it around the side of the eyes if you want to improve the crow feet lines look. But in case you suffer from muscle complaints and damaged nerves, you should avoid this treatment. Also, it is not advisable to have this treatment while being pregnant or breastfeeding. Check with your doctor, and they will offer you all the details you need.

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