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DIY Hallloween Decorations

October - 2 - 2010

It’s already the time of year when we have to decorate our homes with terrifying and spooky ornaments! Therefore, you need to start thinking about what type of decorations to opt for in order to welcome your cute trick-or-treaters in a special way. We recommend you to make your own Halloween decorations, as there are many simple ideas that you can use to create the proper ambiance without spending lots of money. We present you the easiest DIY Halloween projects.

Creepy glowing eyes

If you want to plan a frightening, but fun Halloween party, we suggest you to start by making some glowing eyes in a quick and easy way. All you have to do is use carved paper rolls and glow sticks to create the sensation that spooky eyes are watching everyone who enters your house. Moreover, you can hide this decorations in bushes and trees and wait for cute visitors to come. Another great idea that involves adding a little personality to trees is to use white beach balls in order to give the impression that your trees have eyeballs. Use a marker to draw the eyes on the beach balls, and we guarantee you that the outcome will be amazing.

Bloody hand prints

Halloween is nothing without some bloody hand prints on the windows and mirrors, so you have to use this idea, especially if you have a glass front door. You can use red food coloring, or you can use a red gloss to draw bloody hands on any smooth surface, and make your house look as creepy as possible.

Ghost garlands and hanging bats

Hanging adorable ghost garlands in front of your yard will help you impress all the children from your neighborhood. All you have to do is place a small ball in the center of a white tissue, use a fishing line to create the ghost’s neck, and repeat the procedure until you get the desired number of ghosts. Remember to use a  black marker to draw the eyes and the mouth of the ghosts, and you will end up with the best Halloween decorations. You can also turn your front yard into a spooky place by hanging bats from the branches of the trees. We advise you to make Halloween bats decorations from black craft foam, because that will help you simplify things a lot . All you need is just a little imagination, as no special skills are required for using these amazing Halloween decor ideas.

The reason why we love these DIY projects is because they are very cheap. Nowadays, people spend way too much money on Halloween decorations. If you’re gonna spend money on Halloween, you are better off spending it on the costume, as it is more difficult to try a DIY costume. Nevertheless, if you do a quick search on http://greathalloweencostume.com you will see that there are also some affordable Halloween costume choices that you can try. Having said that, we’ll leave you with your Halloween preparations and we hope that everything will turn out as spooky as you plan it to be.

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