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You will remember the day of your wedding all your life, but if you want your guests to also remember it, you should personalise the wedding favours. In this way, you are sure that you offer them a memory that means something to you. Some people consider easier to buy them from online stores, but you will definitely enjoy doing them by yourself, but you can also ask for the help of your friends. For transforming them into priceless items, you should purchase printed ribbons for favours, to customise their look. Here are some wedding favours, which can be crafted at home.

Olive oil bottles

If you are in love with the Mediterranean, you should think at a favour, which will let your guests know of it. Therefore, you should choose as wedding favours little bottles of olive oil, because they will definitely like to have a small amount at hand. You can order from an online store small bottles for being sure that you find the same model for all your guests, and fill them by yourself with olive oil. After you finish this process, you should tie a little green bow ribbon at their top. In case the bottles are green, you can choose a complementing colour, like white or cream, for making them more festive.

Antique keys

If you want a classic wedding, you can offer your guests as favours antique keys. You will find a wide variety on the market, and you can choose one model for all the favours or different ones for different guests. You should tie them with a piece of ribbon, and stick to it a piece of paper with you and your groom names. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of ribbon, colours, because all of them match with the look of antique keys. A bold option would be burgundy, or plum.

Lavender bouquets

If you want to offer them something, which will delight their senses, you should go for lavender bouquets. You only have to go on the flower market and purchase a large quantity for being sure that you have enough for crafting the favours. You do not have to make big bouquets, you should tie together 3 or 5 flowers with a stripe of ribbon and a piece of paper having your names on it. You can choose the same ribbon colours for all the bouquets or a different one for any one of them.

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