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The best way to enhance your outfit is to accessorise it with statement pieces of jewellery. If you will check the outfits celebrities show off on the red carpet, you will notice that many of them decide to complete their looks with striking statement accessories. These pieces are created for women to have fun with them, but you can easily ruin an outfit if you do not know how to wear them correctly. Statement pieces of jewellery come in countless sizes, colours, and designs, but the most interesting ones are bold rings. Here are some rules that will help you pair statement pieces of jewellery with different types of outfits in a way everyone will admire.


Your hands are the ones that should get the attention

If you will choose to wear a statement ring then you will attract attention to your hands. Therefore, you have to make sure that your nails are in perfect shape and they are polished in a colour that matches the stone of the ring. If you are not a fan of coloured nails then you should opt for a simple manicure, it will allow all the attention to be focused on the vintage rings you are wearing.

If you want to wear nail polish, make sure that its shade does not clash with the one of the ring. Bold rings should not be worn with multi-coloured polishes.

Wear pieces of jewellery that help you put together an outfit

Statement accessories have a single role to look like a statement; therefore, your clothes will be used as the base for highlighting the piece. Vintage jewellery items look amazing if you are passionate of feminine outfits because they look romantic and elegant. If you want to wear a boho outfit, you should choose colourful beads, but if you are looking for a way to compliment a mini dress in a simple colour then you should opt for chandelier earrings.  

Keep it simple

Statement jewellery pieces are best worn with simple clothes; therefore, you should not wear clothes that feature busy patterns or embellishments when you opt for this type of accessories. The purpose of the entire look is the statement piece to stand out. Vintage bold rings are the perfect choice when wearing a little black dress. However, if you are the type of girl who prefers jeans and a simple top, you should go with a colourful necklace.

Less is more

Bold accessories stand out; therefore, you do not have to place any other large jewellery piece within close proximity. If you are a fan of bold accessories then it is advisable to wear one at a time and pair a statement necklace with a striking ring or statement earrings with necklaces from the same collection.

If you want to pair more statement accessories for the same outfit, you can wear a vintage ring with a necklace, and a bracelet with earrings. However, keep in mind if the piece of jewellery is large in size it is always better to leave all the other accessories at home.

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