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There are many rumors that suggest that Kim Kardashian has suffered some plastic interventions in order to look the way she does know. Moreover, her ex-husband, the music producer Damon Thomas, claimed that he paid lots of money to cover her cosmetic surgery costs. According to his sayings, the celebrity suffered a liposuction and a breast job during the time that they were married. Still, if we analyze some photos of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, we can’t help to notice that she had very nice features. So, she is one of the Hollywood stars that can be proud that she is lucky to have a natural beauty.

Although her first husband claims that Kim Kardashian had cosmetic operations which involved a breast augmentation and a liposuction, there are some rumors according to which the star had more than two plastic interventions. Most of the specialists suggest that her bottom has been enhanced in order to look the way it does today. Th accusations go further, as some claim that she asked for medical support to move the fat from her legs into her bottom. However, the celebrity denies these speculations, and she even asked for a doctor’s services to get an X-ray of her behind, so that she could prove that it is natural.

  • Kim Kardashian’s supposed face improvement

Even if the star admitted that she used Botox as a way to maintain her youthful look, she denied other rumors that imply other cosmetic surgeries. During one of her interviews, Kim Kardashian declared that she has nothing against plastic interventions, and that she tried Botox injections to improve her aspect. It seems that being in her 30s has scared the celebrity who tries to prevent aging signs from appearing. However, she said that using Botox is the only plastic intervention that she had, which is something that many people argue with.

Examining certain appearances of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery, we can see a slight difference in the way her nose used to look. Some plastic surgeons suggest that the star could have used Rhinoplasty as a way to get rid of what she called her “biggest insecurity”. Kim said in another interview that she wanted to get a nose job, and that she even consulted with a doctor regarding this matter, but she didn’t have the courage to go all the way with it. However, pictures of Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery reflect a nose that was not as short as it is today. Moreover, these days, the star appears to have a more refined nose, which matches perfectly her other features.

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