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It is generally accepted within American consumerism that you get what you pay for. In other words, higher prices generally mean better quality. One product for which that might not necessarily be true is sunglasses. That’s right, prices can be deceiving when you are buying sunglasses.

You can invest hundred dollars in a pair of designer sunglasses that you assume offer the best possible protection because of the name attached to them. But price and designer name are not what matter. What you really need to know about a pair of sunglasses is the UV rating. It is the UV rating that tells you how much protection your eyes will enjoy from that particular pair of glasses.


As an example, a pair of sunglasses marked UV 400 blocks 99% or more of UVA and UVB light at wavelengths up to 400 nm. That’s about the best you can do here in the States. In Europe, the standard is UV 380. It blocks 95% of the unwanted light up to wavelengths of 380 nm. Understanding UV ratings clearly demonstrates that some sunglasses are superior to others. Price and designer name really do not have a lot to do with it.


Why Designer Sunglasses Are Hot


With a basic understanding of UV ratings, you might be wondering why people will spend so much money on a pair of designer sunglasses. Why are they so hot? Why spend many times more on a designer label than a $20 pair that offer equal or better protection? Basically, it’s all about style.


Olympic Eyewear is a Salt Lake City wholesaler of sunglasses and accessories. They sell designer sunglasses wholesale to customers who then resell them at retail. They know a thing or two about designer sunglasses and what customers want. According to company officials, people are willing to pay for wayfarer or aviator sunglasses from a particular designer because that designer’s name means something to them.


Buying designer sunglasses is no different than purchasing a designer handbag or a pair of jeans from your favorite label. Americans take pride in the labels they wear. They take pride in being associated with a particular style and design. There is nothing wrong with that. We are all different people with a desire to make a mark with our own, unique style.


The point of all this is simply to say that, when buying sunglasses, do not just assume that your favorite designer is giving you the best possible protection. Always look at UV ratings. If you cannot find a UV 400 pair from the designer of your choice, consider a non-designer label instead. Your eyes are too important to trust them to a pair of sunglasses that don’t offer adequate protection.


What to Know as a Retailer


Retailers who purchase wholesale sunglasses from companies like Olympic Eyewear should be sure that they are informed about UV ratings as well. It is incredibly easy to buy a load of bulk sunglasses and sell them either online or at your local flea market without paying attention to what you are really selling. As a retailer, understand that your customers deserve more than that.


Your customers deserve a retailer who takes the time to know and understand UV ratings. They deserve a retailer who stocks high-quality sunglasses at reasonable prices, whether these are designer labels or not. The thing to know at the end of the day is that it is all about protecting the eyes. If you are in the business of selling sunglasses, you are in the business of eye protection. Do what you do for the benefit of your customers.

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