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When talking about how confident a woman is with her own body it is observable that many have issues that they cannot confront easily. One of the many body parts that are continuously placed in the attention of media is the breasts. Breast augmentation has become one of the most looked for choices in terms of aesthetical modifications. This is because changing this part of a woman’s body will leave her with a boost of self-confidence and a better image of herself. Even though you should love your body the way it is, some changes that are beneficial for your mental health are welcomed. This is the case of implants. Here are some facts about them that will surely convince you there is nothing wrong with such procedure:


  • Duration

Breast augmentation surgeries are well-known for the fact that the change you are making is quite permanent. The only reason why a patient is getting rid of the implants is because they decided to do so. Silicone implants are considered to be a permanent method of breast augmentation, comparing it to other non-lasting variants you can try at home or by taking several meds. Self-fat implants are one of the options that are not permanent, but resolve over time, eventually determining the need for a new surgical intervention. This is not an ideal case, reason for most women choose directly implants for changing the shape or size of their chest area.

  • Plasticity

Nowadays, one of the most searched for types of implants are the sylocyte ones. This kind of implant allows the breast to feel much closer to reality. In addition, these are varying in size so you won’t have to worry about not finding the exact measurements you are looking for. Variety and flexibility in terms of the choices you can make are one of the biggest benefits of having this surgery in the first place. You won’t have to opt out for a size that doesn’t suit your configuration. Plus, you will also have the opportunity to remain under the budget, given the fact that there are so many types of breast implants you can select from.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

From an aesthetic point of view, breast augmentation using silicone implants ensures both the desired breast size and the preservation you want to achieve along with the procedure. Implants will be placed under the pectal muscles, where they will be sustained making the breasts look firm and staying up for a long period of time. In some cases, breast lifts are the better option. Women with a bust size complex will benefit from many psychological advantages, considering the aesthetically pleasing effect of silicone implants.

  • A natural look

Nowadays, you will be seeing silicone implants with a high degree of glandular tissue texture, making it seem like normal, natural tissue. Breast implants not only that look good, but they are also feeling natural, without a risk of detection at palpation. Also, the shapes of these implants, as well as the continuous improvement of present surgical techniques, make this procedure desirable. Once assured the detection won’t be possible, women tend to feel much more pleased with their bodies and will stop avoiding certain activities just because they thought their body is not looking the way it should be.


Breast implants can also have side effects that may bother the patient for a certain period of time. Among them, one can experience:

  • Back pain

Large breasts usually put pressure on the spine so it will eventually become over-stressed, causing back pain. There is also a risk in observing a change in body stature and position, but if controlled it shouldn’t represent a problem.

  • Post-op pain

Recovery will be quite difficult in the first one or two weeks, but breast tenderness won’t persist for too long. The pain is bearable and the reason it appears is because the body is not used with the new weight of the breasts, causing the area to become somewhat sore.

  • Procedure risks

Depending on the type of breast augmentation type the patient wants to use, there are procedure risks that one can face: silicone sparing or implant migrations are just two of the main problems occurring short time after a patient had the surgery.

  • Double-breast effect

This is a side effect that can occur when the implant is inserted under the muscle. Your actual breast can start sagging and the implant will remain intact.

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