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It’s not very long until your wedding day arrives and there is still a lot of planning to do. There are the flowers and the restaurant decorations you have to think of and you have not found a wedding decorator you actually trust. Well, try not to panic. This is definitely something you can do all on your and without too much difficulty. All you really need are small and large ribbons, made from various fabrics and that come in different colours, flowers of all kinds and of course, a bit of creativity to put to good use. If you are the kind of person that can take on the challenge of being her own wedding decorator, then here are a few ideas that might be of some use to you.

Outdoor wedding decorations

These days, brides seem to be extremely thrilled about the idea of having an outdoor wedding. It seems that these bohemian chic weddings are highly popular and very appreciated by both the guests and the lucky couple. However, there is a lot of decorating and planning involved in events of this kind. You have to take care of the guest seats and the garden table. Use big organza ribbons and wrap them around the chairs. Also, if you have trees in the garden, make DIY chandeliers using paper butterflies or bows and place them in the trees. Also, flowers are a must. The truth is that there are never enough flowers. So, if your garden is already filed with flowers and plants, you can bring more, as a wedding is really all about flowers.


Bridesmaids bouquets


Your best friends will most likely take part in your wedding and not just any part. They will be your most trusted bridesmaids. If you want them to look just right for the big event, then definitely get involved in their bouquet decorations. You can choose everything, from the flowers used to those simple details. You can tie them up with ribbons of the same colour. You can do anything you can think of, because this is your event, so, really, anything goes.


The highly popular candy bar


Some time ago, a wedding was rather simple to plan, as you did not have all that many aspects to consider. Really, all you needed was to find the church, the dress and restaurant and that was it. Now you have to think of music, of the photographer, you need to find proper entertainment. Also, no wedding can be planned without a candy bar. What was once a trifle has turned into a real necessity. Once again, if you are going to be decorator at work, then do consider the candy bar as well, because this is just as important. Ribbons, flowers, whatever else you might be thinking of, works. So, get involved and the decorations will certainly turn out great.


With a bit of creativity, the right decorations and patience, you should have no problems enjoying the wedding of your dreams.


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