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It is known that women want to look good no matter their age, they want a perfect stretched skin without impurities, no marks, no stains and an ageless appearance. Most of them go to beauty salons and do a lot of beauty treatments like face lifting or they pump in their lips with hyaluronic acid. It is perfectly normal for a woman to wish to be beautiful and flawless but there are also another options in order to achieve this. Here we come with some tips for getting your own beauty treatments right at home. But before we start, you have to know that an essential thing is to wash and clean your skin and hair properly. In this case, we recommend you to use the ionized water because it has a lot of benefits both for skin and hair. This is why it is also called “beauty water” in Asia.

Nourish your skin

This process is very simple because the needed ingredients are vegetables, more particularly cucumber, spinach, carrots. It is a natural method, very healthy for your skin at easy to prepare. You just have to mix all these veggies with a few drops of water (ionized water if possible) and then just apply it on your face like a mask. It is paraben-free, additive-free and a source of nutrition. Moreover, it is a non-expensive option and a great source of vitamins. If you want to add some extra ingredients such as olive oil in order to obtain a softer cream you can do it.

Brighten hair with tea bags

Women always need to change their look, and by “changing the look” they mean changing the hair color. So this is why they start with a hair dye. Usually, they go to the beauty salon and pay a lot of money for a hair dye, “balayage” or highlights. You wouldn’t ever think that you can offer your hair a new look at home with just some tea bags. You just need 2 tea bags (chamomile for blonde hair, orange for red hair, and black tea for dark hair) and a cup of water. Boil the tea then let it cool for a while, after the tea cools apply it on wet hair and shampoo it as usual. Leave it on the hair for some minutes then wash it and you will see the glossy results. Your hair will become soft, shiny and easy to manage.

Home-made manicure cream

Yes, it may sound unbelievable but it is a natural method to take care of your fingers. In order to do this, you need 5 red grapes and a tablespoon of sugar, as simple as that. Then, mix them and apply this composition on the skin around the nails for some seconds. On the cuticles, you can apply hand cream. Its benefit is that sugar removes dead skin and exfoliates it. Grapes have also great properties and they can be used not also for nails and manicure. They are good for hair loss, skin scars, they relieve migraines and reverse aging.

Products with beauty benefits

There are some products in our kitchen that we don’t even know how much they can help us. For instance, yogurt, potatoes, kiwi, nuts, and cocoa. These are a part of the ingredients that we can also use as beauty products. Yogurt is good for whitening your teeth and it is also a source of calcium for the enamel. Potatoes have vitamins so they can be used for a softer skin. To fewer the wrinkles kiwi is the best solution, it has more vitamin C than an orange. Nuts are good for hair, they are full of omega 3 oils and help the hair to be glossy and shiny. And finally, a cup of hot cocoa will offer you a better blood flow and also skin glow.

The coffee scrub

After we have mentioned a lot of products, it is impossible to forget one of the most common, that being coffee. Coffee has amazing beauty perks, firstly it is a source of antioxidants, it protects against sun rays, enhances blood circulation and makes the skin brighter. Our coffee tip is to use it as a body scrub because coffee grounds represent a natural exfoliant. Just massage your body with wet coffee grounds and you will see that the skin will be softer and silky. Coffee works great as a scrub and it is also a hack for eye bags.
We hope that our piece of advice was helpful for every woman who searches home beauty treatments. Do not forget about the most important thing that being cleaning and washing your skin perfectly and also hydration is a significant feature.

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