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Ankle tattoos are increasingly popular especially among women who are looking to highlight the curves of their legs. This area is very feminine and delicate but at the same time very bony so before having a tattoo inked in this area, most women are asking if a ankle tattoos hurt. Unfortunately, the answer is positive but this really depends on what is woman considers to be painful. An of course, the pain is strongly related to the ankle tattoo designs, their size, intricacy and shadows. Furthermore, if you have any skin problems, you should consult some skin care specialists before getting the tattoo in order to see if you are susceptible to any side effects or allergies.

It is true that ankle tattoos may hurt a bit more than other tattoos but this is far from being the most painful location. In fact, most women describe it as being like that of a scratch. Sometimes it also “burns” a bit which is rather uncomfortable than painful. It is worth mentioning that generally, you get used with the feeling after the first minutes and if you select smaller ankle tattoo designs, you soon forget the pain. The size of the design is one of the biggest factors that influence the pain that you feel so the bigger the tattoo, the more painful it will be.  And if the design also covers the ankle bone across the Achilles tendon or that stray down onto the foot, the pain will definitely be more intense. The greatest thing is that it goes away after a few days and the result will be worth this experience. Additionally, you should know that ankle tattoos are very delicate given that the area is not highly vascularized and there is an extreme pressure exert on it. Thus, you should follow a good care regime in order to avoid further complications. Your tattoo artist will give you aftercare recommendations in order to ensure an optima healing.

Another thing that you should know about tattoos, especially about ankle tattoos, is that the area will be a bit sore for the first couple of days after getting your tattoo inked. There is nothing to worry regarding this aspect because the pain will soon disappear. However, regardless of the ankle tattoo designs, it is highly important to avoid the sun and the water. Of course, you are allowed to shower, but you don’t have to use soap in this area or rub it for the next days.  And baths are out of question too. When it comes to ankle tattoos, you have to avoid prolonged sun exposure but also socks because this will cause discomfort. In order to speed up the healing process, it is recommended to use a good moisturizer every 2 hours. There are many lotions especially created for tattoo care but you can also use a very moisturizing body milk or a calendula based cream. If the tattoo area is showing no signs of healing after a few days or if you are dealing with a rash, it is essential to get the help of skin care specialists. Not all skin types deal with the tattoo healing process in the same way which is why it is better to get professional help if you experience more than a mild discomfort. Furthermore, you should use a good moisturizer on a regular basis for it is going to keep your tattoo looking good for the years to come. Ankle tattoos are awesome, they make your legs look very attractive and they grab the attention wherever you go. And you can easily cover when the social context requires it. Besides, the wide variety of ankle tattoo designs give you the opportunity to select something that is representative and meaningful not just eye-catching. They represent an adornment that is worth all the pain and that will make you happy for the years to come.

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