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Acupuncture benefits for women

November - 26 - 2015


Acupuncture uses multiple procedures to stimulate the anatomical locations on the skin through different techniques. It promotes the natural self-healing and improves the body’s functions by stimulating specific acupuncture points. It uses sterile, fine needles, which are inserted into skin, but sometimes, electrical stimulation, heat and pressure are used to enhance its effects. When going to a session of acupuncture Ottawa women may experiment techniques as cupping, heat therapy, manual massage or application of herbal medicines. The frequency of session differs from women to women, and every one of them will benefit from an individualized treatment plan, according to her problem.

Using acupuncture in infertility

Many women deal with infertility nowadays and many professionals say that acupuncture used with herbal medicine has been used from early times to treat some of the causes of infertility. When a woman starts acupuncture therapy in trying to deal with her infertility she has to follow it for three or more months before experimenting in vitro fertilization, insemination or donor-egg transfer. After the insemination is done, the therapist will not place needles in the abdominal area of the patient. Women are trying this therapy when they face infertility, because the risks that come with it are minimum. The acupuncture sessions for women with infertility issues are done by an acupuncturist specialized in fertility disorders. It can be used to treat different types of fertility disorders and sometimes is combined with herbal remedies to treat certain problems, as polycystic ovarian syndrome, unexplained infertility, repeated pregnancy loss or hyperprolactinemia.

Using acupuncture during pregnancy

Many women do not know if acupuncture is safe during pregnancy. Professionals say that is both safe and effective during pregnancy, and it is designed to be a complementary care. Women use acupuncture instead drug therapy when they face different pregnancy issues. Acupuncture helps pregnant women to deal with morning sickness, stress, breech position, hip and low back pain, labor induction, mild and moderate depression and to shorten the length of the labor. It can be used as a treatment with a large number of pregnancy complications and its main goal is to enhance wellness during pregnancy. Pregnant women have to be very cautious when selecting an acupuncturist because only qualified ones will know how to apply the needles without doing any harm. They have to hire acupuncturists that are well trained and that are licensed in this domain.


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