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There are natural hair colors and there are colors that do not resemble anything that you are likely to find in nature: unnatural colors. It is true that purple and green are the colors of plums or grass; you are not likely to see any human born with blue locks. While most people regard them with skepticism, fashion addicts see in the in them the perfect way in order to stand out from the crowd. All it takes is a little courage and the help of a salon hair stylist Ottawa.

Close at hand hair dyes

At present it is not that hard in order to get your hands on bright colors. The shelves in magazines are no longer filled only with nuances of brown, black or blonde. Women are now given the opportunity to play with colors and express themselves in a unique way. The example set by celebrities has made it easier for ordinary women to dare to experiment and to stand out if they want to. Not only teens can paint their locks blue anymore. Although, for more extravagant nuances such as purple or carmine-red you will have to make an appointment with your stylist. The only rule that you need to respect is to find the right nuance that suits your complexion and style.

Fire red

The best way in which you can make a statement without completely exaggerating is to die your locks a flaming red. Red works best with women who have fair skin and blue or green eyes. In addition to this, the color is the only accessory that you need in order to stand out and it is not necessary to create a special coiffure such as locks. If you happen to be a blonde the transition is much easier than if you were a brunette because the color looks artificial on them. The only downside is represented by the fact that it requires regular maintenance in order to cover the roots that grow quickly and are visible due to the bright color of the scalp and the color fades quickly.

The rainbow effect

Celebrities have got fast tired of nuances such as crimson red and black and have decided to put the entire rainbow in their head. This basically means a combination of red, pink, green and purple. It is not for everyone. The outrageous combination is the expression of creativity and if you do not have an artistic character than you need to stay away from this look. The pallet of vivid colors is best visible on long hair which perfectly reflects the color scheme chosen. The greatest advantage is the fact that you do not have to stick just to one color. In order to maintain the color fresh, you will need to dye your locks every three weeks or so.

To conclude, instead of trying to achieve the artistic look yourself, it is best to see a hair stylist that can advise you on what nuances to include and that is able to achieve a long lasting effect.

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