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Gemstones have been long used in fashion and jewellery making, because they offer impressive variety and many of them look amazing in different mounts or combined with different fabrics. Among this great diversity of colours, forms and shines, the tourmaline gemstone occupies a special place. An old Egyptian legend says that the tourmaline passed over a rainbow in its enduring way from the centre of the Earth, reason for which the gemstone is found in such a bewildering variety of colours. Many people still refer to the tourmaline as the gemstone of the rainbow. Although it may not be as valuable as other gemstones, when it comes to colours and hues, the tourmaline has no equal, so if you want flexibility and versatility, then this is the stone for you. Having different pieces of tourmaline jewellery means you will have something to match any outfit, any occasion, any season and even any hair colour that you might choose.

The tourmaline gemstone can be red, green, yellow or blue, with different intensities and in different hues and chances are you might find tourmaline accessories with more than one colour. In addition, some of these stones change their colour along with the light source, so it may appear as if you have one accessory in the daylight and a completely different one at evening or in the night, when the light becomes artificial. The colour of the stone, or at least its hue and intensity, can change depending on the angle from which it is seen, this effect is known as pleochroism and is exhibited in tourmaline gemstones showing colour, hencejewellery makers must be very careful in lining up the cut. Tourmalines have a high hardness, between 7 and 7.5, which makes them easy to look after, so you don’t have to worry about being particularly careful with your tourmaline jewellery or accessories. You can simply enjoy their adaptability and the fact that you can easily be fashionable and stylish with such accessories that are suitable for both summer and winter outfits, both elegant and casual styles.


Tourmalines can be found all over the world, but stones with great quality and fine colours are not that common, which is why the price spectrum is as large as its colour range. A tourmaline gemstone with vivid, intense colour, such as the Paraiba tourmaline, which comes in a deep blue, blue-green colour, can be quite expensive, while more common green and pink tourmalinesare highly affordable. These stones are suitable for necklaces, bracelets, earing and rings, as well as for hair bands and other accessories, but also as add-ons for dresses and even handbags. No doubt about it, with the use of tourmaline stone accessories, you can always be fashionable and trendy, enjoying high flexibility and versatility in your style.

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